a beautiful moment

A short documentary following three community-based music making groups in regional Victoria. Each open to anyone, with any instrument and of any ability, coming together for an end of year concert. Screened as part of the 2024 Castlemaine Documentary Film Festival.    ...  [watch the 30sec teaser]

Walking The Fish

Commissioned to celebrate its 30th anniversary, 'Walking The Fish' documents the birth of Castlemaine Fringe. Retold by those who were there, the film showcases some of the successes and scandal of the first festival in 1992.     ...  [watch the trailer] 2m 45s     ...  [watch the movie] 26m

Image from video by Daryl Evans @ Daz Media.


Every time someone turns on a tap or flushes a toilet they interact with Wetland ...kind of ... Two curved plinths constructed of stainless steel tubes, discretely house speakers for eight channels of audio and display seperate video projections, all of which is controlled/manipulated by data sent from a local water authority   ...   [more about Wetland]

Just a minute

A (very) short film. It was a dark and stormy night   ...   [watch it now]


A short film. Discovering a dead author's previously unknown manuscript can mean big bucks. Uncovering the truth just means big trouble.    ...   [watch it now]

Paderborn to Bendigo

Commissioned by the Greater City of Bendigo, Sandhurst Trustees, Bendigo Bank, and the Catholic Diocese of Sandhurst, this multi-projector animation celebrates the 200th anniversary of the birth of Dr Henry Backhaus   ...   [more about the Backhaus project]

Be Careful What You Wish For

Interactive installation in which layers of video are manipulated live by the movement and proximity of viewers.

Hominis Dignitate

A series of autographic lenticular prints. Celebrating phoney idols in phoney 3D.

Abstract Expressionism

Selected as a finalist in the Arthur Guy Painting Prize, the concept then evolved into a series of autographic digital prints. Created from the machine code of scanned images of iconic paintings and prints, the finished works match the dimensions of the original.

Did I Say That Out Loud?

Audio installation as part of Liquid Architecture. Visitors stand wearing headphones, listening to the thoughts of commuters on a train.

Hargreaves Street Mall

'A Picture of the World and Everything In It' embedded in digi-glass panels on a 9m x 6m plinth in the Hargreaves St mall. Commissioned by the Greater City of Bendigo.

How Very ODDessy

Winner of the 'Best Multimedia - Tertiary' prize at the 2000 Australian Teachers of Media Awards. 'How Very ODDessy' is part interactive puzzle, part investigation into screen navigation and life without a mouse - presented in the context of Homer's Odyssey.


Throwing stones into what appears to be an abandonned mineshaft triggers stories and projections. An interactive installation commissioned by Experimenta.


Live performance of video projections manipulated by the voices of various participating community choirs led by James Rigby and Jane Thompson with narration by Team Henderson. Pictured here performing at the Castlemaine State Festival.


A series of limited edition, large format giclee prints on rag paper.

Image: 'This is a test' 900 x 900mm.


Castlemaine's post office clock tower turned into a giant 'Swatch watch' for the duration of the festival. Paintings on canvas by Tony Cook, Michelle Philipson, Greg Smith and Diane Thompson mounted onto the face (under the hands) of the post office clocks.